SAU Senior Rina Suzuki selected for Circle Foundation for the Arts award

19 November 2018, 4:20 pm Written by 
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St. Andrews University senior Rina Suzuki (Japan) has been selected as a Circle Foundation for the Arts Affiliate Artist award for her works that are now being featured on the Circle Foundation’s website (  She was notified by Myrina Tunberg Georgiou, Circle Foundation Director, and received her certificate certifying her acceptance as an Affiliate Artist.

According to their website, Circle Foundation (Lyon France), is a platform for the active artist, orchestrating the development of a variety of visual arts projects.  Their goal is to provide a stage for the remarkable visual artist who can use this platform to publish, exhibit, win grants and awards, boost their resume and become established within a notable network.

Ms. Suzuki currently has five works on display and can be seen at

Additionally, as an Affiliate Artist she is competing for the CFA Artist of the Year 2018 Award that awards cash grants and publication on their art covers to three artists.  Sixty more artists will be awarded an Artist of the Year 2018 Certificate.  The results of this contest will be announced in late January.

Ms. Suzuki was born in Taiwan and raised in Japan to a family of artists. She is majoring in Visual and Performing Arts with an emphasis in Studio Art along with a minor in Gender Studies.  Her Art Professor is Ms. Stephanie McDavid.

"Since I was a kid, my family encouraged me to be involved in designing their art products, and I was self-taught until I started studying art in the United States.  My grandfather, who was a photographer/painter, influenced me to focus on water and water lilies.  The knowledge I have gained as a college student, especially in psychology, has provided many inspirational ideas for my artworks.  In June 2018 two of my paintings were selected for an online art exhibition, “Water,” organized by Colors of Humanity Art Gallery."

Ms. Suzuki adds, "As a poet expresses feelings in poetry, I reflect my thoughts in my artworks.  Visual art has been an instrument that allows me to communicate with people.  I sublimate private emotions, especially complex and suffocating feelings, into something stunning."


(Pictured below is the Certificate and one artwork titled “Closure.”)