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27 September 2018, 3:30 pm Written by 
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Revised Academic Calendar for 2018-2019 now ready


Numerous changes were required to revise the Academic Calendar following the two-plus weeks missed because of the Hurricane Florence.


Below are just a few of the dates that are immediately pertinent to our campus from now through Commencement.  It is necessary that faculty, staff and students access the complete schedule that is available on by opening the navigation bar on the home page, choosing Academics and scrolling to Academic Calendar for the updated 2018-2019 calendar that is now effective.




Oct. 1                  Classes resume

(No fall break)

22                         mid-term grades

29                         first day of Demi 2


Nov. 5-16         Advisement period for Advanced Registration for Spring term 2019

21-25                 Thanksgiving break


Dec. 14               Last day of classes

17-21                 Final Exams

22                         Dorms close at 10 a.m.


Jan. 14-15        New student orientation

15                         Registration—Main Campus

16                         Classes begin


March 4             Mid-term grades

9-17                    Spring break


April 1-12        Advisement period for Advanced Registration for Fall term 2019

19-22                 Easter break


May 2                 Last day of classes

3                           Study day

4; 6-9                  Final exams

10                         Baccalaureate

11                         Commencement