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17 September 2018, 3:32 pm Written by 
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9/17/18 Monday 3:30 PM


As of this afternoon (9/17), the St. Andrews campus remains without power, but the city is making significant progress in restoring water city-wide, including at St. Andrews.  No students remain on campus; all have been successfully moved to their homes or to temporary residences with power, water and internet connections.  The lake overflow is rapidly receding and damage assessment is underway with the help of a disaster recovery company.


While the equestrian center sustained some wind and rain damage, all of our horses are safe, being fed regularly, and in good health.  The physical plant and security staff on the main campus and the equestrian staff at the center worked tirelessly through the storm and did a great job of mitigating some of our damages.  The student life staff and Pioneer food service worked closely with students and made sure they were safe, dry and had plenty of food throughout the storm as well.


A special thanks goes out to those St. Andrews alumni and staff who are helping to house students who were unable to return to their homes during the storm.   Several members of the faculty and the administrative staff also contributed a great deal of time, energy and support over the last several days helping to mitigate damages, keeping essential services operating as long as we had power, and cleaning up wherever possible.


At this time, classes remain cancelled and administrative offices are closed until power is restored and a full damage assessment can be completed.  As stated earlier, students and staff will be given at least 48-hour notice before classes are set to resume.  Please continue to check the St. Andrews website for further updates.

Paul Baldasare, President

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