Professor Phillipson earns Doctorate

21 August 2018, 4:24 pm Written by 
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Kevin Phillipson Assistant Professor of Business, has completed his studies and dissertation at Wilmington University in Delaware and received his Doctor of Business Administration—DBA. His BS and MBA are also from Wilmington University.

  His paper is titled “A Critical Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Business Networking Events and Recommendations for Improving the Networking Process.”

   In brief, this empirical study examines the perception held by small business owners and their representatives of the effectiveness of chamber of commerce networking events. Effectiveness was measured in terms of perceived increase in annual sales and customer count. The findings suggest that members of the chambers perceive these events to be above average in effectiveness, and they perceive their own networking skills as being effective.

  Dr. Phillipson adds, “Positive relationships were found between networking skills and perceived value of events, networking skills and number of events attended, and number of events attended and perceived value of events. Of the moderators examined (education, age, chamber region, gender, role in the company, and length of membership), none of them had a significant relationship with perceived networking skills. Only one moderator, region, showed a difference relative to perceived value of the events. The recommendation to chambers of commerce is to continue to offer networking events because members value them and continue to offer networking skills training. However, because a portion of respondents showed an interest in different types of events, exploring alternative formats should be considered.”

   Congratulations to Dr. Kevin Phillipson.  ​