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13 April 2018, 10:37 am Written by 
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St. Andrews University has been selected as one of 19 recipients for the 2017-2018 PepsiCo Recycling Zero Impact Fund and up to $10,000 in funding.

With the help of PepsiCo Recycling’s Zero Impact Fund, St. Andrews is beginning their project titled the Green Knights Initiative to fund a recycling project on its campus. The challenge and application was to acquire funding for a collaborative venture among the Student Government Association, Office of Student Affairs and SAU Leadership. The grant will be used to initiate a recycling project that the Green Knights Initiative Committee will oversee.

As a part of the Zero Impact Fund, St. Andrews was selected out of more than 60 proposals to receive funding that will work to increase sustainability efforts on campus.

An ambitious project, the Growing Green Knights plan will introduce recycling stations in and around all resident halls, administrative buildings and outdoor areas. Recycling bins, receptacles and waste stations will be placed in all locations which the grant will cover the cost, including necessary supplies.

Their proposal covered specially referred to engaging the campus community, educating and benefiting. In part, their application stated, “The addition of recycling both indoors and out will benefit our residents, our university culture, workplaces, and the future main streets, workplaces and homes of our graduates.”

The project leaders for the grant at St. Andrews are SGA president Eduardo Andrade and Clifton Dial, Director of Residence Life and Housing. The extensive six-page application required the Growing Green Knights Team to identify specific needs, locations, costs and strategy to facilitate the project. When all aspects are functioning, the team believes that solid waste reduction could be as much as 131,000 pounds yearly and a savings of almost $10,000 for the university.

PepsiCo Recycling’s Zero Impact Fund aims to help schools across the country reach their sustainability goals by awarding up to $10,000 to support eco-innovations that increase sustainability on campus. More information on the PepsiCo Recycling Zero Impact Fund and other winning proposals can be located at