New Student Residency Contract

Prior to completing this form, make sure to read

New Student Residency Contract

  • *New students who are 26 years or older require permission from the Dean of Students to live on campus. Permission is granted only in special circumstances.

  • his includes the use of an Emotional Support Animal or Service Animal (must be approved by Disability Services and registered with Department of Housing).

    Housing Survey

    If you already have identified a person with whom you wish to live, please complete the following. Important Note: Both students must request each other and submit their contracts before the assignment can be finalized.

  • Liability Renter’s Insurance: The University does not assume liability for the loss, damage or theft of any personal property; or for damage or injury resulting from explosion, fire, mechanical failure of water, steam or gas lines; or from defective wiring; or from negligence of any other occupants of the building. Students who want to protect themselves from the possibility of such losses should cover their belongings with an appropriate insurance.

    Residential Student Agreement: I request that the university proceed to assign room and board accommodations in keeping with the terms of this contract

    I acknowledge that by submitting this form, I am providing an electronic signature verifying that the information is correct as submitted and an accurate reflection of my consent as indicated above. I further verify that I have reviewed and understand the Housing/Food Services Statement of Terms and Conditions of Occupancy (Mentioned Above).