Bachelor/MBA Five Year Program

Program Description

This accelerated program allows an exceptional undergraduate student to earn both a bachelor degree and a graduate business degree (MBA) with just one additional year of study. The student must demonstrate superior academic performance by having an overall GPA of 3.5 or better when applying for this program and maintain this GPA going into the senior year.

Course Scheduling:

The program is divided into a 3+1+1 format.

  • Three years of standard undergraduate work in the student’s major and general education. All students in the combined Bachelor/MBA program must have completed 90 credit hours toward graduation at St. Andrews by the end of the junior year.
  • One year (senior year) in which the student will take both undergraduate and graduate courses to complete the Bachelor degree. Two graduate courses will count twice – once as an upper-level elective to substitute to meet the undergraduate requirements for graduation of 120 credit hours and a second time as a requirement for the MBA program. Upon completion of the Bachelor program, if the student is in good academic standing with both graduate and undergraduate courses, the student is automatically accepted into the MBA Program with no MBA application procedure and no application fee.
  • One year (graduate year – Summer Term through Spring Term) as a full-time MBA student to complete the degree. The student, who will not be working full-time, will take 2 courses in the summer term, 2 courses in the fall term, 3 courses in the winter term, and 3 courses in the spring.

Program Features

  • Challenging coursework with emphasis on experiential learning and problem-solving to prepare students for success in their careers.
  • A recommended internship or research practicum after the junior year.
  • No entrance exam (GMAT) or application fee to enter the master’s program.


Admissions Requirements

Applicants are evaluated on academic performance, leadership potential, communication skills, and personal maturity. To be considered for admission to the selective Bachelor/MBA Five-Year Program, the student may submit an application for admission any time during the junior year, but generally before spring break. Completion of at least one internship or research practicum by the end of the third year (or that summer) is strongly recommended. Requirements include:

  • Cumulative GPA of 3.50 or higher at St. Andrews;
  • Two letters of recommendation;
  • Personal interview; and
  • Courses in Statistics, Microeconomics, and Accounting.

For more information on the BA/MBA Five Year Program, contact Professor Corinne Nicholson, Department Chair, at

Download the BA/MBA Program Fact Sheet