“This environment fosters exploration,” says one of our professors. Come visit our campus, and do a little exploring on your own. Stroll across the causewalk or along Dogwood Mile; stop by one of the dorms and bask in the warm welcome you receive. Have a meal in our cafeteria while you take in a view of the lake. Look into the library, the weight room, computer labs, the art gallery, the science lab; visit the stables and barns at our Equestrian Center. Especially visit a SAGE class – venturing your own opinion during the discussion, and talking with the professor afterward.

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Your quest for meaning and vocation, we know, doesn’t end after four years at St. Andrews – or even after graduate school. So we can’t promise you all the answers, but we can give you some remarkable companions and guides: our professors. In classes, at Writers’ Forum, at Symposium, even in the hallway, you benefit not just from their academic expertise, but from the wisdom they’ve gained from their own personal quests. Any of these new acquaintances that you make can inspire you to pursue an internship, an independence study, or even a vocation. Take a look at our viewbook for more information.


In additional to our inaugural football team, St. Andrews offers a highly competitive intercollegiate athletic program (NAIA): for men, baseball, basketball, cross country, golf, lacrosse, soccer, swimming, track and field, volleyball, and wrestling; for women, basketball, cross country, golf, lacrosse, soccer, softball, swimming, track and field, and volleyball. In our Physical Education Center, check out our Olympic-size swimming pool and wrestling and weight rooms. Knights provide plenty of spectator fun for fans of competitive intercollegiate athletics. Learn more about athletics.

Clubs & Organizations

What’s at St. Andrews? Plenty – when you do things with each other! A volleyball game; a play rehearsal; a party at the dorm or Farrago. Not to mention over 20 student-led groups. St. Andrews makes it easy not just to get involved but to become a leader. Events throughout the year include Chorale concerts, intramurals, or local service projects, and Extravaganza – our free-wheeling spring weekend, complete with sumo wrestling, ultimate obstacle course and inflatable slip ‘n slides.


At St. Andrews we believe in doing our best and working hard, that is never truer than out at the barn. With our extensive, modern, first-class facilities, and the kind of coaching that has produced a long string of regional and national titles, the Equestrian Program at St. Andrews gives you the opportunity to apply your passion for riding to a professional career in equine-related majors like Equine Science, Equine Business Management, Pre-Veterinary Science, or Therapeutic Horsemanship. Learn more about our Equestrian Program.

Student Life

St. Andrews doesn’t cater to crowd mentality. Our 400+ acre campus offers plenty of places for what one of our seniors calls “thought time.” Try walking in the woods, fishing at the lake or watching the sunset from Celtic Rock. Perhaps the spirit of St. Andrews finds its best expression in our late-night residence hall discussions. Over popcorn or pizza, we swap thoughts on academic subjects, spiritual beliefs, world affairs, and personal experiences. Such moments confirm an essential St. Andrews belief: Each one of us has much to learn, and every person we meet has much to teach us. View a video of life on campus and hear from some of our students.

Study Abroad

During those late-night talks, too, you’re sure to hear about other students’ stories of their St. Andrews travels. Like old war buddies, they recount their favorite moments. “Just think, at Brunnenberg we studied Ezra Pound’s poetry in his own library – with his own daughter, a princess. From the castle windows I could look across the mountains toward Austria – it was magnificent.” Or “I’ll never forget our first assignment in India. we all still had jet lag – and Neal said, ‘Go find the mosque, buy an orange, and meet me back at the hotel.'” You can see why more than half of our students choose to travel and study abroad while they’re here.