IT Department

IT Department

We, in the IT Department, wish to share information with you about our campus network and to make a few suggestions as to the electronic tools that we recommend you consider bringing with you to campus in the fall.

Jenny Carmichael Minnick
Moodle Administrator

Chris Bernhardt
Director of Information Technology



If you cannot login to email, please let us know so that we can assist you:

Our phone number is 910-277-5016.

We can also be accessed via email at

If you bring your cell phone by our office we will assist you in setting up access to your email account. That way you can stay in touch with your professors about course assignments and activities. Read the email setup guide for your phone or tablet.

Account Information

Your unique username and password work with the following logins:



Campus computers

File Storage

We recommend portable storage such as:

A USB Flash Drive with 16 GB of storage minimum

(Please save copies of your work to your external USB drive)

Antivirus Software

Please make sure your computer has a current version of an anti-virus program installed.

Software programs that you can download for free include:

AVAST or AVG-Free for Windows

Sophos for Mac

If you wish to purchase a full version of an anti-virus software program, we recommend:



Trend Micro

Wireless Connections

Many classrooms have wireless access.

Wireless access is also available in most areas of the dorms.

There is also a wired network connection in your dorm room.

If you choose to have a wireless router in your dorm room, you are responsible for connecting the device. Do not purchase cable modem routers as they are incompatible with the campus network.

If your router causes a problem for our network, your Ethernet port will be disabled.

Productivity Software

We recommend that you have Microsoft Office for use to complete assignments for your classes.

The latest version of Microsoft Office is available to students for free at Office 365:

Once there, use your student email to create an account and access your products.

Technical Support for your Computer

We are able to troubleshoot technical issues for Windows and Mac operating systems.

If your laptop is still under warranty, we will have you contact the company to assist in fixing the issues.

If the issues we discover during the troubleshooting are beyond our capacity to handle, and the device is no longer under warranty, we recommend Highland Techs Computer Services to fix technical issues. Their store is located on Main Street in downtown Laurinburg, about 5 minutes from campus.


Our department is located in LA 174, open from 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.