Gender Studies

Minor in Gender Studies

Program Coordinator: Betsy Dendy
Faculty Contacts:  Asst. Professor Betsy Dendy and Dr. Edna Ann Loftus

The St. Andrew Gender Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary minor taken along with a disciplinary major. This means that each student can focus the minor to complement the major she or he has chosen and can also use the minor to branch out into disciplines outside of a chosen major.  The courses within the minor offer students a chance to develop the skills necessary to analyze and to explore the ways in which gender defines who we are, how we are perceived, and how we are taught to perceive ourselves. A minor in Gender Studies can be composed of a combination of regular course work, internships focused on gender issues, and international experience.


Gender Studies Course Requirements

The Gender Studies Minor requires 18 credit hours, at least half of which must be at the upper level. Courses that fulfill a particular student’s major requirements cannot count toward a minor.

Required GS Courses:

GS 101  

 Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies

GS 200  

Feminist Theory

GS 400 

Senior Thesis Project


Additional courses can be chosen from several types of courses. 

Courses from various disciplines that are already approved to count as GS courses such as:        

ENG 379  

Women Writers

GS 301

Topics in Gender Studies

HIS 214  

Topics in American History: US Women's History



Courses in which the instructor has expressed a willingness to work with a student to develop a concentration area focused on gender issues such as: 

ENG 325 

Medieval Literature

ENG 280

Topics in American Pop Culture: Fairy Tales

HIS 214   

Topics in American History: Bad Behavior


Internships focused on gender issues such as working at the local Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis Center. 

International experiences that are relevant to exploring gender issues in other countries.