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Written by James Upchurch

The COVID-19 Taskforce met to assess the current situation and continue planning for any eventuality. After discussions with an infectious disease expert and the Health Department, we are convinced that St. Andrews University and Scotland County remain a low risk environment at this time. Therefore we will continue to teach classes in the normal seated format.

CAMPUS Policy Changes:
o In accordance with the Governor’s recommendation, we will eliminate any activities or events that would gather more than 100 people together. That means that several events have been cancelled:
-The SAAC Indoor Sports Camp (tonight)
-The OSA sponsored party in Orange (tomorrow night)
-The QEP Event (Monday evening)

We will no longer allow students to have guests stay overnight on campus, in order to avoid the possibility of viral transmission; All RDs and RAs have been given antibacterial spray cleaner and paper towels. You can check these out from your RD or RA, clean the surfaces in your room, throw away the paper towels, and return the cleaner to your RD or RA; We will have an Administration Representative available at the Knight Meal, Monday through Thursday evenings to answer your questions and respond to your concerns.

Given that we are in a low risk environment and have added these additional precautions, we are confident that it is safe for us to continue with seated classes on campus, which is definitely the best possible learning environment for all students and faculty. However, we also realize that faculty members and students each have their own personal circumstances and must make the decision that is best for their distinctive situation. For example, there are members of the faculty and student body who have medical issues that leave them with suppressed immune systems and therefore place them at greater risk of getting ill.

Therefore, despite the low risk of living on campus and attending classes, students who feel the need to remove themselves from the classroom and the campus, may apply to participate in remote learning. A Remote Learning Checklist will be available Monday, March 16th and may be picked up in the Admissions Office or the Registrar’s Office. In order to give faculty time to prepare, this remote learning alternative will not begin until Thursday, March 19th. While some students may take advantage of this option, given their particular circumstances, we hope that most students will remain in the seated classes, because it is, by far, the best educational context.

Now is not a time to panic. But, it is a time for caution and vigilance. Continue to wash your hands regularly, cough into a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands), stay away from people who are sick, go to the doctor if you are sick, and practice social distancing.