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COVID-19 Update 3/12

Written by Lee Anne Hanke

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,


Due to COVID-19, St Andrews University has created the SAU COVID-19 Task force, which will be meeting daily to assess the situation and prepare for every possible situation.

As of 3/12, the decision has been made to continue having seated classes on campus. Given that we are a small campus located far from the main outbreak locations, St Andrews University remains relatively safe from COVID-19.

We will begin to restrict activities and events that bring large groups of people together, in order to limit the possibilities of transmission. As before, we should all remain calm, but vigilant. We ask that everyone continues to follow good hygiene and social distancing practices in order to protect themselves and others.

From now on, expect updates as we assess and make decisions about how best to respond to COVID-19. We are aware that our International Students, specifically, may have some particular questions, concerns, and circumstances, Dr. Ellen Bernhardt, Senior Vice President for Operations, and Dr. Tim Verhey, Dean of Students, will be at the Knight Meal tonight at 9:00 p.m. We invite International
Students to come to ask questions and raise concerns.


As stated above, the SAU COVID-19 Task Force will continue to monitor the situation and update the St. Andrews community.