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Campus Update

Written by Joe Cicchetto


Although power has been restored to both sides of campus, there are several areas of campus in which considerable work must be done before they can be brought back on line. Specifically, the buildings that received the most damage and still require the most work are the Morgan-Jones Science Center and the Belk Student Center. It will take several more days to dry them out sufficiently before power will be turned on to these buildings.

Faculty offices and classrooms in Morgan-Jones will be reassigned temporarily to other locations on campus. On Thursday of this week, a mobile kitchen will be delivered to campus and installed so that meals can be prepared and food service relocated while the kitchen and cafeteria are being renovated. The art studios in the Morgan Liberal Arts building also were damaged and still require significant clean-up and repair.

It is important to know that the Morgan-Jones Science Center, the Belk Student Center and the art studios will have limited use until such time as their clean-up and repair have been completed. More information about progress being made in these areas and specifically about classroom and office reassignments will be provided before the resumption of classes on Monday, October 1st.

Paul Baldasare, President