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Campus hot water system replaced, now operational

Written by Joe Cicchetto

Since late March, St. Andrews University, a branch of Webber International University, has been on the precipice of utilizing a new hot water system for the campus that comes with a 96% thermal efficiency rating and is now functional and online.

“How can we ensure a stable supply of hot water for students and reduce operating costs?” That was the question that Glenn Batten, Vice President for Administration, posed to the engineers of Brady-Trane Services.  The campus hot water system had become unreliable, one of the large storage tanks had failed and the other was on borrowed time.  St. Andrews needed a cost effective solution.

Brady-Trane engineered and installed a new system based on state of the art technology.  Instead of one large boiler and a couple of 5,000 gallon storage tanks, the new system uses eight high efficiency boilers to produce an endless supply of hot water on demand.

The expected outcome of the project is that energy savings will pay for the project.  Batten said, “The old system was only about 20 to 30 percent efficient.  This meant that 70 to 80 cents of every dollar spent on producing hot water went straight up the flue.  The new system has a 96% thermal efficiency rating and since we only produce hot water when needed the payback is very quick. This a great example of a green initiative project that is good for the environment and good for the budget.”

Batten focuses on major improvements with the new system:  paid for by energy savings, replaces old equipment, advanced technology and provides for better student comfort.