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The Alumni Association at St. Andrews -- everyone who attended the University for two semesters or more -- is made up of more than 12,000 individuals and grows with every graduating class. The positive impact of a small institution like St. Andrews is evidenced by the commitment and involvement of its alumni.

The Alumni Council at St. Andrews is representative of the University's wonderfully diverse alumni population and spans six decades of graduating classes. The Council, which meets twice yearly, serves as a liaison between the University and the Alumni Association at large. Its mission includes encouraging greater alumni participation in giving, sponsoring regional alumni gatherings and events, providing support for both current students and alumni seeking internships and career opportunities, and maintaining strong ties between our alma mater and its alumni.

Continue the Community! Exciting opportunities await you on the Alumni Council. We are seeking new members to share their experiences and guide the future of the school we love.

Alumni Council members are elected in the spring at the annual Alumni Association meeting during Alumni Weekend. Council members serve a three-year term, attend meetings on campus in the Fall and Spring, and support the University financially.



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The date for Alumni Weekend 2020 is set - April 17-19!  


Alumni Council Fall 2019 - Spring 2020 
Class of 2020 Class of 2021  Class of 2022 


Mackay Asbury ‘75

Adam Breakey ‘94

Damon Byrd ‘77

Doug Calhoun ‘95

Cooper Davidson ‘67

Susie Evans ‘96

Gail Hutchison ‘83

Stuart Marshall ‘16

Marty Martin ‘74

Palmyra Moore ’67

Anne McQuiston ‘68

Gregg Phelps ‘93

Gary L. Brazzell ’93

Heather Jenkins Brazzell ’93



Katherine “Cup” Clark ‘92

Lane Custer Ducker ‘69

Stormy Ingold ‘86

Chris Siefken ‘04

Jessy Siefken ‘06

Carol White Wood ‘69

Knight Chamberlain ‘78

Brooks Godwin ‘75

Mick Meisel ‘76

Greg Stupinski ‘93

Kaille Padgett ‘93

Bill Lide ‘84

Grace Wadford ’17

Ashley Elmore ‘03



Joy Berry ’92

Terra Elan McVoy ’96

Kathy Salkin ‘75

Craig Shively ‘08

Bonnie Greer Johnson ‘68

Michael McOwen '79

Beth Ann Tate ’19

Ed Andrade ’19


Members Emeritus
Elise Williams Blackwell '58  




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