After Deposit & Visa Information

After Deposit 

Congratulations on depositing to St. Andrews University! We are so excited to have you on campus in just a few short months. As you begin this new adventure there are some things we would like to help prepare you for. Please review the list of items to complete before arriving on campus:


1. VISA Appointment/ I-901 SEVIS Fee

Once the Statement of Financial Responsibility, Bank Statement, Passport, Deposit and Postal Mailed Official Final Transcript are received the International Admission Counselor will be in contact with you to begin creating your I-20. Please note that you must have the wet ink signature on the I-20 before you can go to the embassy for your VISA appointment. It is important that you pay your I-901 SEVIS Fee before your VISA will be release. For more information click here.


2. Complete All Health Forms

Please take a moment to complete all health forms listed below:

Confidential Health Form

Immunization Records

HIPAA Consent Form

FERPA Student Form


*Please Note: Put 000-00-0000 for social security number*


3. Complete New Student Residency Contract

Please take a moment to complete our New Student Residency Contract. This will allow our housing department to determine the best fit for your room! While you are there, please take a moment to review our Residency Check List! St. Andrews University will be offering shuttles to Walmart to assist students in picking up items for their room.


4. Enroll in Health Insurance

Student Blue Health Insurance will automatically enroll students starting July 1st. For more questions about Health Insurance please reach out to


5. Pay Your Account Balance

It is required that all international students pay their account balance by check in of the semester. Please contact for more details.


6. Follow Us On Social Media





7. Keep Up With Your Email

Stay in touch for updates on when you need to arrive on campus. The International Admissions Office will soon reveal these dates to you and ask for your flight information. We do have a school shuttle that will run on specific nights to the Fayetteville, North Carolina Airport to pick up International Students. Please visit their website for more information.

Since most students will not arrive on campus until later a night it is highly suggested you travel with the following:

– Small Amount of US Dollars to assist in any travel needs (ie Food, Transportation)

– An “overnight” carry-on bag including small shower needs, tooth brush and paste, clothes, passport, I-20 and any other legal or important items

– Phone Charger with US outlet function or Portal Charger. The International Admissions office Whatsapp Number is (910) 277-3959


For additional information on what to expect please visit the following websites: 

What to Prepare for in the United States

SEVIS Step by Step Process