Study Abroad Program

See why more than half of our students choose to travel and study abroad while they’re here.

“Just think, at Brunnenberg we studied Ezra Pound’s poetry in his own library – with his own daughter, a princess. From the castle windows I could look across the mountains toward Austria – it was magnificent.

I’ll never forget our first assignment in India. We all still had jet lag – and Neal said, “Go find the mosque, buy an orange, and meet me back at the hotel.”

Not only did this experience allow me to work with and learn about incredible animals, but it also broadened my worldview.  I would encourage anyone interested not only in wildlife, but also in learning about another culture, to definitely go.  It is an experience I will always remember and cherish!”

Brittany Lefebvre

Each program admits a limited number of students per year. Students pay St. Andrews tuition, room and board, plus a surcharge that varies with each program and includes round trip transportation, some in-country travel, and more. In all, the programs are extremely affordable.

Brunnenburg Castle, Italy

“The Brunnenburg program is a life-changing experience.” Dr. Ted Wojtasik

St. Andrews has offered a full fall semester at Brunnenburg Castle since 1983. Courses at the castle are taught by two professors who live at the castle. One of the professors is an anthropologist and the other is a philosopher. The St. Andrews faculty member who accompanies the students teaches in his or her discipline.

Brunnenburg is a castle constructed around 1250 in Northern Italy. In the mid-20th century, the castle was restored by Mary de Rachewiltz, the daughter of Ezra Pound, and her husband Boris. In 1958 Pound stayed in the castle writing the last six of his 116 “Cantos” of The Cantos. Presently the castle houses The Ezra Pound Center for Literature and is the home to the de Rachewiltz family. Students who are admitted into the semester-long program have the opportunity to study abroad at the castle. They are also encouraged to spend time exploring and experiencing the culture of the surrounding areas.

Assistant Professor in English and Creative Writing Ted Wojtasik has made the trip several times in the past decade.His essay on one of the experiences on the trip was published by the 234 online journal.

Click here (or view video above) to hear Mary de Rachewiltz reading her father’s poetry (video courtesy of Carter Smith and Munro Media).

If you are interested in applying for the program, which is offered every other fall semester, contact Ted Wojtasik for more information.

Summer Semester in India


India is probably the most accessible yet different and exceptional culture and civilization one can still encounter in our increasingly homogenized world. This trip is not a traditionally structured tour with guides (except on the trek) and detailed daily itineraries. A central activity of this study tour will be a twelve day trek in the Himalayas with time in New and Old Delhi, Agra (Taj Mahal), Jaipur, and Manali.  The focus of the trip will be on recording, reflecting upon, analyzing, and enriching personal experiences and encounters.  We will seek to challenge our preexisting ideas and develop new ways of seeing and understanding.

The India trip is open to all St. Andrews students, students from other colleges, alums, and friends of the college who are in good health and physical condition and who wish to rigorously study another culture.  The trek while physically demanding is not overly so; any able bodied person in good health and physical condition should be able to accomplish the trek without great stress or discomfort. Since space is limited to approximately 10 to 15 persons, priority will be given to St. Andrews Honors students and then other St. Andrews students.  Because of the nature of the travel and experiences to be encountered, permission of the instructor is necessary.  Application and interview required.

For more information, please contact Professor Neal Bushoven at

African Wildlife Vets


“The trip to South Africa with Dr. Kellam is a once in a lifetime experience.  While there, we were able to gain first-hand experience with a wide variety of wildlife, ranging from large animals such as cape buffalo, rhino, and kudu, to smaller animals such as bush babies and even a squirrel.  We worked directly with Dr. Kellam as well as several veterinarians practicing in South Africa to assist in a wide range of medical procedures.  My favorite experience was assisting with the relocation of around 40 cape buffalo cows and their calves.  We learned about the process of relocating wild animals and the steps they go through to ensure each animal is healthy and ready for transport.  I also really enjoyed the mass capture and relocation of impala we were able to participate in.

While I was definitely drawn to this experience because of the opportunity to work with wildlife, I was also excited to learn about a different culture.  Immersion in the South African culture begins immediately once you are in the country.  To start off, we ventured through Johannesburg and learned about the country’s history through visiting various historical sites in the city.  Throughout the trip, we were able to interact with locals at each location, allowing us to gain first-hand knowledge of the similarities and differences between growing up in America and South Africa.” ~ Brittany Lefebvre, 2017 trip participant.

Check out the African Wildlife Vets facebook page.

For more information, please contact Dr. Laura Kellam at