Those who take drama classes in college are all going to be actors. Or are they?

Drama classes can teach students how to “read” people through character studies. Students who participate in acting classes have more confidence in presentations – oftentimes as a result of having overcome stage fright. Students can process information more quickly and think more creatively after participating in improvisation classes.  The 5 “Cs” of drama are confidence, creativity, cooperation, concentration and communication.  Each one of these contributes to the life skills that we use in business, people management, coaching, and even the courtroom for closing arguments.

There is no end to the benefits of taking Acting 1A or B (THE 246A and THE 247A), or Production Experience (THE 181A) or even Introduction to Theatre (THE 120A).

Theater at St. Andrews is surging forward with a vengeance, is producing shows regularly during the semester and is an open book full of input from students, faculty and outside sources connected to the theatre world.

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