Politics is everywhere from our most personal relationships to international relations among nation-states. We study politics because it is important to understand and useful to know. The more we know about politics, the more effective we are in getting things done and in accomplishing our goals. Through the study of politics we become better leaders and followers. We are more prepared to be citizens in a democracy.

The St. Andrews politics department offers a breadth and depth of courses and experiences. Our emphasis is practical. We seek to help you become more effective and humane persons in all arenas of your life from the relationships you form, to the places where you live and work, to the groups and communities to which you belong. The Politics faculty seeks to help you discover and meet your own personal and career ends. Our approach translates into marketable skills and opens students to flexible career choices.

We emphasize communication. Students in Politics learn how to better speak and write their own views clearly and with conviction and to better listen to the views of others. We learn how to find, evaluate and use information from a variety of sources. Students in all Politics class subscribe to a weekday newspaper.

Our courses range from International Politics to area studies such as Cuba, Africa, China, Indonesia, and Vietnam. We study War and Peace, the Politics of Food, the American West in Politics and Film, and the Politics of Sex. We have courses on American Politics, the Vietnam War, and Public Policy.