Philosophy and Religious Studies


Philosophy is hands on. In our classes we engage in lively debate, discussion, and role-play. We relate philosophy to life — personal, social, and professional. Students can do a philosophy emphasis within either a Philosophy and Religious Studies major or a Humanities major. The philosophy emphasis gives students valuable skills in reading, thinking, argumentation, and writing that lead to success in any profession they choose, including law, business, and public service.

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Students can do a Religious Studies emphasis within either a Philosophy and Religious Studies major or a Humanities major. Some students who do this emphasis will attend a seminary or school of religious education after graduation in preparation for a career in ministry. Others will use their study of religion as a vehicle for acquiring a deepened understanding of the questions of meaning and value raised in human experience and will pursue vocations or avocations in a variety of other humane endeavors (counseling, social or public service, teaching, writing, etc.). The interdisciplinary nature of Religious Studies and the St. Andrews education also prepares students well for graduate studies in a variety of disciplines (law, politics, philosophy, cultural studies, sociology, etc.).

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