How can I get the type of experience that employers want?

An academic internship is a great way to learn about the working world and your area of interest.  It also allows you to earn academic credit and gain experience that will better position you as a job seeker.  Click on the links below to gain access to information about Summer  Internships, the University's Academic Internship Agreement, and a list of internship sites at which our students have worked.

Download the Academic Internship Form


A Summer Internship – Is It Right For Me?


(1.) G. P. A. of 2.5 or better;
(2.) good academic standing; and
(3.) the recommendation of the faculty sponsor and the department granting credit.


*Please note that some departments may have additional requirements.


Application Procedure:

A step-by-step guide and the internship form are available in the Career Services Office and in the Department of Business and Economics Office. The site supervisor, the faculty sponsor, the Academic Division chair, and the Director of the Academic Internship Program must approve internship applications.


Registration Process:

Once the approval process is complete and clearance is secured from the Business Office, students may register for 1 to 4 credit hours and will be charged the tuition stated in the catalog. A student may be exempted from tuition charges for one summer internship of 1 to 4 credits if:

The student has a class standing of a rising junior;

The student has been enrolled as a full-time degree seeking student for the preceding academic year and is pre-registered for the next fall semester; and

The student is in good standing with the Business Office. Students with tuition waivers must pay a processing fee according to the current academic catalog.



The application process must be started before the student leaves the campus during the spring semester, and the approval and registration process should be completed by May 10. Only a faculty sponsor may request any exceptions. Please note that it is the responsibility of the student to complete the application and the registration process.


Please direct any questions to Corinne Nicholson, Director of Academic Internships, at 910-277-5249 or to Annette Reed of Career and Vocational Services at 910-277-5549.


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