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35th Science Olympiad at St. Andrews

Written by Joe Cicchetto

St. Andrews University held its 35th annual Science Olympiad regional tournament on March 30.  SAU Director of Logistics Rooney Coffman was again responsible for the event and has been involved in this event since its early beginnings at St. Andrews in 1974.

As always, the John Blue Lab, which is two-thirds the size of a football field, was a huge hit and allows ample room for spectators to watch the students competing.  Events such as Ping Pong Parachute were held in the DeTamble Library that boasts a three-story atrium.  All the visiting students and faculty had a great time competing in the 23 different events held around the school.

The Spirit Award was given to St. John Paul II Catholic School (Southern Pines) for their positive and encouraging attitudes.  The Outstanding Coach Award went to Jennifer Bellmore and Kim Patterson from West Pine Middle for their excellent guidance. The Outstanding Volunteer Award went to Regina Drake-Parguey, a 2016 St. Andrews alum, who has traveled from her home in Virginia for the past three years to be an event leader.

Eleven schools from eight counties competed in the events. St. John Paul II Catholic School’s varsity team will be moving on to the state tournament on April 26-27 to be held at NC State University in Raleigh.  (By Kaitlyn Lomax, COM 454)

(Photo:  Regina Drake-Paraguey ’16 pictured with her Outstanding Volunteer Award)


Junior Varsity Teams (medals and trophies)

1st Sun Valley Middle School – moving on to states

2nd Alpha Academy

3rd St. John Paul II Catholic School

4th Crain’s Creek Middle School

Varsity Teams (medals and trophies)

1st St. John Paul II Catholic School – moving on to states

2nd West Pine Middle School

3rd Parkwood Middle School

4th Sun Valley Middle School

5th Crain’s Creek Middle School

6th NC STEM Academy

7th Alpha Academy


Combined Scores – Placings (First Place Overall Winners)

1st St. John Paul II Catholic School (V)

2nd West Pine Middle School (V)

3rd Parkwood Middle School (V)

4th Crain’s Creek Middle School (V)

5th Sun Valley Middle School (V)

6th NC STEM Academy (V)

7th Sun Valley Middle School (JV)

8th Alpha Academy (V)

9th Alpha Academy (JV)

10th St. John Paul II Catholic School (JV)

11th Crain’s Creek Middle School (JV)

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